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Collab w/ Peter Wilson (started by ZC, finished by PW) 2014

Collab w/Scott Hatt (started by ZC, finished digitally by SH) 2014

Collab w/ 康甯 (Connie Kang) (started by ZC, finished by CK) 2014

Collab w/ Petra Lorenz (started by ZC, finished digitally by PL) 2014

Collab w/ Adam Lavigne (started by ZC, finished digitally by AL) 2014

Collab w/Josh Brink (started by ZC, finished by JB) 2014

"89zc14" 4x6 inch paper collage

Collab w/ Peggy Despres (started by ZC, finished by PD) 2014

Collab w/ Adrian Jugaru (started by ZC, finished digitally by AJ) 2014

Collab w/ David Stoner (two collages started by ZC, and finished 3D by DS) It is hard to tell from photos but when you look through eye glasses the two collages merge into one!  Very Cool!!

Collab w/ Jani Collins “Collins to the 2nd Power” (started by ZC, finished by JC) 2014

Collab w/ Peperina Fantozzi (started by ZC, finished digitally by PF) 2014 

Collab w/ Frank Voigt (started by ZC, finished digitally by FV) 2014

Ed Wakefield/MrMoltonium, a UK based collage warlock invited me to take part in a World Wide Blog Hop by answering 4 questions about my collage work and by inviting 3 other artist to take part.  Thanks homie! View Ed’s blog C L F and answers

These are the collage artists which I invited to participate (they will post their answers to the same questions on Monday July 21st):

Anthony Zinonos (United Kingdom)

Gareth Halliday (United Kingdom)

Nikki Soppelsa (United States)


above-We said hello and shook hands. (book cover is a collab w/Fred Free - bookend holding books is collab w/Ellie Gagner

What am I working on?

I always have several things/projects going simultaneously. It is a bit overwhelming at times, but keeps me in motion. I am currently working on getting my book  ”We said hello and shook hands” published, collaborations, and pushing my personal work in new directions.


How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My work is characterized by restraint, rectangular forms and the fact that I am not so much interested in context as I am with color and shape. Although I am sure many collage artists are looking for similar elements, some that are important to me are the tactile nature of paper and the evidence of their travels. I am drawn to source material that predate my existence because they are new to me and unfamiliar. I am attracted to the graphic typefaces and the style of images of a foreign time, as well as elements of fading, uneven color blends, dot patters, and off-registration. Much of a collage artists work depends on materials that are used and available to them. Materials I am looking for tend to have age and patina. It is important to me to find my materials that way and not to force weathering on them unnaturally. I don’t feel I have found a niche and nor do I want to. Boxing myself into one way of working closes the door for discovery and the exploration that I am continually trying to do with paper. Here is a quote that I feel expresses this idea well: “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” ( author unknown) Whether it’s working at a 1x1.5 inch size, with one color, on large panels or in the dynamic situations inherent in collaboration, I try to keep challenging myself.


above image by Xuancheng Zhang

Why do I create what I do?

Process is fundamental to the work I make. My process includes the concepts of a ‘mobile landscape’ and the element of ‘chance’.


How does your creating process work?

I have three parts of my creative process: selection, deconstruction, and re-combination. Selection-Everyday I am constantly scanning my environment for objects, textures and paper materials I can incorporate into my collages. Deconstruction-There are many ways I deconstruct materials to use in collage. Cutting, tearing, scraping and erasing of various paper materials are all possibilities. Re-combination- I usually start with a couple of found pieces that intrigue me—an image, text, or a discolored, worn, marked-up piece of ephemera. Then I like to arrange, cut, and move different pieces in and out of the composition, letting the fragments of paper help me stumble upon interesting associations and happy accidents until I am comfortable gluing the pieces down.