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"91zc14" 4x6 inch paper collage 2014


Collage has been around for centuries, we read, going back to ethnic cultures and even the Romans. Appreciating the roots of any art form is important. The fleeting, ephemeral quality of contemporary collage is a reflection of the time when it evolved from Cubism. Picasso and Braque, the daddies…


Just 4 Weeks till the Collagerie 2014 submission deadline! DON’T MISS IT! 

Collab w/ Peter Wilson (started by ZC, finished by PW) 2014

Collab w/Scott Hatt (started by ZC, finished digitally by SH) 2014


"Paid" /1014
> Collaboration with Zach Collins

Collab w/ 康甯 (Connie Kang) (started by ZC, finished by CK) 2014

Collab w/ Petra Lorenz (started by ZC, finished digitally by PL) 2014

Collab w/ Adam Lavigne (started by ZC, finished digitally by AL) 2014

Collab w/Josh Brink (started by ZC, finished by JB) 2014


began, reverse, eureka
collaboration with zachcollinsart / 2014
(started by ZC / finished by FF)

(via zachcollinsart)

Collab w/Jim Lucio (started by ZC, finished by JL) 2014

"89zc14" 4x6 inch paper collage