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Collab w/ Craig Kelchen (started by ZC (collage), finished by CK (silkscreen) 2014 

Collab w/ Musta Fior (started by ZC, finished by MF) 2014

Collab w/ Jo Yeh (started by ZC, finished digitally by JY) 2014

"115zc14" 5x7 inch paper collage on illustration board 2014. This one is for aceblush! This was a starter! 

Hey Southern Cal! Excited to be in this show and this will be the first show I have flown out to be at the opening!

Collab /w Dewey Saunders (started by ZC, finished by DS) 2014

Collab w/ VanVuren Inez (started by ZC, finished by VVI) 2014

"104zc14" 3.5 x 3.5 inch paper collage on illustration board

Collab w/ Musta Fior (started by ZC, finished digitally by MF) 2014

"108zc14" 3.5 x 3.5 inch paper collage on illustration board


SEPTEMBER 20, 2013 (SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA) - F+ Gallery presents “CUT/PASTE2” Opening
reception. Cut/Paste 2 is an exploration into the #creative mind of eight #Progressive , #Contemporary & Prolific #Collage #artists including Justin Angelos (San Francisco, CA), Michael Ziobrowski (Santa Ana, CA), Emily Hoy (Long Beach, CA), Bill Zindel (El Cerrito, CA), Zach Collins (St. Paul, MN), Jordan Clark (Upland, CA), Fred Litch (La Verne, CA), D Irty Merlin (Long Beach, CA) The evening includes original #art, signed and numbered #exhibit books + on screen stop-motion/time lapse collage #films by featured artists, guest films by Federico Medina and Sean
Roberston, as well as live music by Santa Ana based electro-rock/dance band, Dragonsoundz.
Reception will take place at F+ Gallery, in the #SantiagoArtsDistrict of #SantaAna, California | from 7-11pm. (at F+ Gallery)

Collab w/ Craig Kelchen (started by ZC (collage), finished by CK (silkscreen) 2014 

Collab w/ George McKim (started by ZC, finished by GM) 2014